Welcome to ROCAWOOD Dairy Goats of Nowthen, Minnesota! I first started raising dairy goats as a 4-H project in 2004 with my sister, Gretchen Beverly, under the herd name Patch of Heaven Dairy Goats. My sister fell in love with the LaMancha breed for their unique personalities and short ears. Gretchen now resides in Elk River, MN and maintains a LaMancha herd under the POH name. I fell in love with the gentle giants of the Saanen breed raising them too under POH until 2014, when I married my husband, Ross Wood, and started using the herd name ROCAWOOD.

In March of 2014, my small herd of Saanens and I moved to our farm in Nowthen, MN. The land that we live on has been in Ross's family for over 100 years, as his great-great grandparents homesteaded the 70 acres, which we share with my in-laws, in the late 1800's. Ross knew before he asked me on our first date that my goats were part of the deal! And he didn't run away!

We keep a small herd, averaging about 12 animals year round and freshening four to five does each year. I believe Saanens should not only be structurally sound to increase longevity, but as they are dairy animals they should be able to maintain high production levels throughout a 285 day lactation or longer. We attend several shows each year to better the quality of animals that we own as well as using Linear Appraisal to improve our knowledge of the type of goat we are breeding for. New in 2016, we started our herd on DHI and we are pleased with how everyone did and with it being our first year. I anticipate higher and longer lactations for 2017.

As we maintain a small herd, herd health and management is our number one priority. Every kidding is attended and kids are pulled right away to be fed heat treated goat colostrum and pasteurized goat milk, as part of our strict CAE prevention program. At one to two weeks of age, grain is offered as an added food source, and free choice alfalfa/grass hay is introduced around one month of age, when the rumen is more developed and can digest forages better. Mature does, dry yearlings and bucks are all fed alfalfa and grass hay; grown, cut and baled by Ross. A 16% dairy goat sweet feed as well as a mixture of oats, cracked corn, sunflower seeds and alfalfa pellets completes their diet with beet pulp occasionally added for those needing more weight or higher producing does. All animals are dewormed only on an as needed basis, but are vaccinated early for CD&T. Bose is given as supplemental selenium, fresh water is available to EVERY animal ALL the time.

To reserve a kid from ROCAWOOD, please refer to our For Sale page for our sales policy and agreement. A $50 deposit is required to reserve a kid, but we do maintain the right to retain any animals we see unfit for sale or to use in our own breeding program.

Thank you for visiting our herd of American Saanens, registered through the American Dairy Goat Association. Feel free to email cassie_beverly@yahoo.com or call 763-241-5027 with any questions you may have or to reserve a kid.

Thank you!

Cassie & Ross Wood


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